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Have you ever felt that there was more for you see through your life? Do you want to hear God more clearly? See more healings? Discover what you are called to bring life to on Earth.

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Andrew Chapman

has a history with God which is centred on a growing revelation of the Father's affection towards us and postures his life to be in the light of that reality. Compelled to see people connected to their Father, he finds himself leading ordinary people in the day to day rhythms of life to experience the love of their Maker. Living a life of the supernatural as a natural part of daily life, led Andrew to found the London School of Supernatural Ministry. Using the full curriculum of Bethel's BSSM, this pioneering London-based ministry has been training people to hear clearly from God, take risks, and demonstrate the miraculous, bringing heaven to earth to transform culture.
From politicians, business leaders, and creatives, to mosques, hospitals and new age shops - over the last eight years, they have amassed countless testimonies of seeing the kingdom of Heaven breakthrough to heal, save and touch people from every part of society. Beyond LSSM Andrew has also trained many pastors individually and across denominations, both here and abroad, in how to create and grow a Kingdom culture. Andrew's passion is to see every Christian fully flowing in love, and power to see the kingdom of Heaven come in every situation you find yourself in.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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