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  • Author: Patrick Loh
  • Level: Intermediary
  • Study time: 6 hours
Course overview
Wholistic healing training for inner healing practitioners and leaders
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‘Wholistic’ lays the biblical foundation for leaders and practitioners, of how the spirit, soul, body is interconnected; how healing our hearts and renewing our minds bring healing, restoration and breakthrough for every area of our lives. 

What's included?

  • 3 Training Videos
  • PDF of slides
  • How to help people experience with God through a divine exchange
  • How what people feel, think and do are interconnected
  • How to help people clear blockages and break bondages in their life


We will also be looking at practical application that are easy to learn, apply and to teach those we are helping.
We will be exploring the various issues of in peoples’ hearts that can cause blockages and hinder them them from moving forward. 


  • The top two lies that keeps people from experiencing God’s best for them
  • The three existing approaches to inner healing and deliverance
  • How to help people to deactivate the fight and flight response of their nervous system when they feel triggered
  • How to help people break negative patterns in their thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • How to help people deal with symptoms when the root issues haven’t been uncovered
  • How to help people release trapped toxic emotions from their soul and body
  • How to help people renew their mind and rewire their brain
Meet the instructor

Patrick Loh

Patrick Loh graduated from Singapore Bible College with a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries in 2005. He is a co-founding member of Soakability and serves as one of the pastors in the church.
The foundation of Patrick’s ministry is about encountering the Father’s heart. Whether it be through the preaching of the Word, through worship, or through inner healing, Patrick helps people to encounter the heart of the Father to know His worth in their hearts and their worth in His heart.
Patrick Jones - Course author
By helping people to discover their identities as sons and daughters of the King, Patrick empowers them to move in the Father's authority in areas such as healing the sick and moving in the prophetic.
Patrick believes that out of the human heart flows forth the issues of life and as people begin to prosper in their souls, other areas of their lives begin to prosper. Therefore, one of the core areas of his ministry is the inner healing of the heart and the renewing of the mind.
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